Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

About EMI

Emotional Mind Integration is a brief neurotherapy for the resolution of disturbed Emotional Mind States that we as human beings carry form our life experiences. This is appropriate for a large proportion of the population in providing safe and quick assistance for permanent positive change for people who are ready to move onto a better place. People who have had enough of suffering.

EMI is based in sound Humanistic and Family Constellation philosophy in an understanding that human beings require Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy as a foundation for wellbeing, knowing that in their absence Disease thrives.

This is a powerful way of facilitating the self-healing of poorly formed attachment bonds and messages from the past for a healthier sense of self and better relationships. EMI is designed to resolve disturbances that have occurred in the biography of a person’s life compared to systemic issues that are best worked with in Family Constellations while  Rapid Core Healing works with both personal and systemic issues in one dual modalty.

Why EMI?

Most of us may sort out problems in our conscious mind successfully. If a behaviour or problem has its source in the unconscious mind it is inaccessible to normal rational thinking. A process like EMI is ideal to locate unconscious problems so as to resolve and integrate them into the personality. EMI is Rapid and cost effective as most issues require 3-5 sessions. EMI has been created by Yildiz Sethi. This approach is specifically designed to work with issues or conflicts that arise from the biography, choices and experiences in the life of the person.

From an EMI perspective individuals are considered to consist of a family of EM states (Emotional Mind States.) Each EM state has a role in the personality of the individual. However this is not a static state as human beings constantly evolve and grow. New EM states constantly form as others recede. This is a natural growth process. Disturbances and issues arise if there are disturbed, conflicting or traumatised EM states operating in the psychology of a person. Such EM states become a problem in the personality when they are triggered into action in daily life. They easily become the source of inner or relational conflict. This happens when disturbed EM states are triggered bringing with them particular feelings or behaviors and thoughts that were experienced in the past but may not be at all appropriate for the present situation. This can create upsetting or disturbing feelings, thoughts and actions that can play havoc in the personality of the individual until they are dealt with appropriately.

The EMI process is a rapid deep transformative process that enables the disturbed EM state to resolve its position and be integrated into the personality.


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