Our Facilitators

Kelly Gannon


Kelly works in the Equine therapy programs and is a trainer and consultant in the Optimal Health Program. She is also trained in the Outcome Star model as both a practitioner and educator, an Advanced trained EAGALA practitioner and OK Corral equine therapist. For 30 years now, Kelly has been a Welfare worker. She has also obtained Certificates in Mental Health Practices and Dual Diagnosis, a Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma and Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy and is trained in the Safe & Together model of addressing Family Violence.

Kelly has an extensive history in youth homelessness, aged care, community development, adult psychiatric rehabilitation services, people with a disability & family services. Her passion for working with Indigenous community helps improve positive outcomes for families. This has led her to complete a Lateral Violence Awareness training, Possum Skin cloak training for Indigenous Family Violence and ‘Yarning up on Trauma’ programs.  Kelly visited Indigenous communities in America & New Zealand, expanding her use of Equine & Constellations therapy further.

Vin Gannon


Vin has several qualifications relevant to Family Therapy, this includes a Graduate certificate in Family Therapy from Latrobe University, Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma, Master practitioner in Family Constellations, including work with Business and Wellness systems. In addition, he is qualified in Equine Facilitated Therapy & learning and is currently completing a Rites of Passage training. Vin has worked with members of the Aboriginal community, using techniques such as single session focuses, narrative therapy, Bowen therapy, etc. Additionally, his style of reflective questioning, mentoring, and focus on solutions helps him in his engagement of families and individual clients.

His previous experiences helped Vin develop and identify clients goals and expectations in order to help the client to implement them. The process of change is generally difficult because people have different levels of investment, problems, and outcomes. 

Ellen Gannon


Ellen has a Diploma of Community Services and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Social Work.  She is an Advanced trained EAGALA practitioner and works within our Equine Therapy Program.  Ellen has recently returned to work after starting a family.  Prior to this she worked as the Youth Homelessness Worker for Brophy and Foster Care Case Manager in the remote Kimberley area working with Indigenous communities.  She is also a qualified riding Instructor and has worked in our Riding Develops Ability program for a number of years.

Board of Directors

Our trained facilitators work closely with the Pathways for Living board of directors Karin Sandstrom and Ros Pevitt.