Our Programs

Equine Assisted Therapy

two horses of the healing herd looking at the spectator as in equine assisted therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy is a client centered, solution focused, experiential program where clients work with horses in ground based activities to improve their personal wellbeing.

Family Constellations Therapy

a constellation of rocks as a methaphor for family constellations and group dynamics

Family Constellations is a psychotherapeutic, body sensing approach that works with unconscious systemic family loyalties and entanglements that hold individuals back and assists in finding healthier connections, greater freedom and autonomy in the present.

Optimal Health Program


The Optimal Health program is a whole of person wellness program. Looking at the domains of living, using discussion and goal setting to help manage stress in daily life and integrate mind, body and soul to increase sustainable change and wellbeing.

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

a person sitting in front of a lake, with mountain scenery, being in full balance of mind & emotions

Emotional Mind Integration is a brief neurotherapy for the resolution of disturbed Emotional Mind States that we as human beings carry form our life experiences.

Rapid Core Healing


Rapid Core Healing is a dual approach that is designed to work with systemic issues using Family Constellations and personal issues using Emotional Mind IntegrationI hypnotherapy.


a drum in the grass, used for drumbeat therapy

Drumbeat is the first structured learning program using music, psychology and neurobiology to reconnect with ourselves and others.