Optimal Health Program


Our Optimal Health program is a holistic wellbeing program, using discussion and goal setting to help stress management in daily life and integrate mind, body and soul to increase sustainable change and long term wellbeing. Ideal to help manage stress, anxiety and depression and in conjunction with any of our other programs to strengthen and consolidate your healing pathway.

Optimal Health Program (OHP) is a self-management program which promotes hope, growth and partnership. The aim is to improve a person’s wellbeing and build on their strengths and values. OHP responds to individual needs and offers the opportunity to have a conversation, to reflect, write down ideas, ask questions and develop plans supporting wellbeing. 

This program which can be delivered for individuals or groups consists of eight weekly sessions followed by an additional booster session. 

Participants will...

Reflect on their own wellbeing 

Identify their strengths and strategies 

Learn to recognise early warning signs of stress and develop partnerships with others as a strategy to optimise their health 

Vision achieving goals and celebrating success at each step 

Develop health plans which include strategies to maintain wellbeing. 

Focus lies on...

Holistic wellbeing rather than illness 

Strengths, strategies, stressors and vulnerabilities as four factors that we can identify and influence to improve wellbeing

The development of social supports to help us to maintain health

Visioning and goal settingto help understand ‘why’ and move forward to plan ‘how’ to enhance wellbeing.

8 Steps to Optimal Health

What is Health?
How behavior can in uence our health 

I-Can-Do Model Part 1
Health Plan 1
Strengths and vulnerabilities: understanding a balance 

I-Can-Do Model Part 2
Health Plan 2

Stressors and strategies: understanding and monitoring impact 

Medication, physical health and metabolic monitoring 

Collaborative Partners & Strategies Health Plan 3
Identi cation of key partnerships 

Change Enhancement Understanding past events and de ning change 

Visioning and Goal Setting
Creative problem solving and planning 

Building Health Plans
Health Plans 1, 2 & 3: maintaining wellbeing 

Booster session 

What is my health like now? 


The group sessions are 1-2 hours, with 6-10 participants. Individual sessions are held for approximately 1 hour. 

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